Business and Career Coaching

What We Will Do

Every working environment is system. Learning which systems are best suited to your success and how to navigate these waters is essential for professional growth and satisfaction. I’ll guide you through this process by helping you:

Understand who you are inside and outside of your work environment


  • Are these versions of you in balance? Or in conflict.


Understand how you currently interact with your work environment.


  • Do you come home every day exhausted or energetic?
  • Do you look forward to work each day or dread it?

Determine where you are out of balance both personally and professionally in your CSR


  • A person cannot be out of balance in any portion of life for long and not have it impact the balance in the rest of their life.

Design and implement a fresh balance across your life’s CSR, focusing the new balance in support of who you are at work.


  • This may include deciding you need a new work environment, career, business, etc.

Identify and develop the skills you need in your toolset for the new working environment you want to achieve.


  • Sometimes we need to hone skills we already have to apply in new situations.
  • Sometimes we have to develop brand new skills to match our new environment(s).
  • Sometimes we have to let go of old skills that served us in the past and are actually holding us back.

Your personal growth and success comes through executing these and experiencing incremental changes and adjustments to your perception of self in the workplace while developing toolsets that help you become your biggest advocate. You will learn how to better position yourself or your business for growth and chart a course for achieving your desired outcome.